Are you here to make a difference?

Do you feel called to help birth a more beautiful world?
Are you aching to be and do all you are capable of?

Do you long to give your gifts through a soul-filled business?
Do you sometimes fear dying “with your music still in you?”

It’s time to answer the call of your soul and the world… to let your music out and give your gifts.

It’s time to spread your wings and soar!

This is the time you were born for. And  you may have been waiting a long time.You may have raised a family, spent years in a corporate career, tried a variety of jobs or felt a bit lost. Or perhaps you have your own business, but something is missing.

You’re probably smart, sensitive, creative, and intuitive, and it hasn’t always been easy. Life on this planet for sensitive souls is never easy. But you’re here for a reason.

Now you are ready, and your timing is perfect. Your soul is unique and complex, and so are your gifts. They needed this time to ripen. And there are people waiting to receive them right now.

The Quest detailIf you believe you have a calling – whether you’re following it or not…
If you long to make the world a better place…
If you fear that time may be running out (especially if you’re in midlife or beyond)…
If you can no longer stand the pain of ignoring these inner promptings…

Then you’re in the right place!

We might be perfect for each other if:

  • You’re determined to break through the obstacles that have held you back and you know there’s another way.

  • You feel you have something important to give and you want to gain clarity about exactly what it is.

  • You wish to give your gifts (or are already offering them) in the form of an inspired business or creative venture and are ready to take your next steps toward realizing this dream.

  • You’re eager to have your vision, courage and confidence SWITCHED ON to bring you a greater sense of possibility and empowerment!
  • You’d love to find a strong and safe container in which to discover your true potential – your purpose, your message, your tribe and your inspired work.
  • You know that the time is now to make this happen – and you refuse to wait any longer. You know the time for hiding is over.

  • You’d love to work with a sensitive, intuitive, high-vision seer, who really “gets” you on the soul and personality level, is committed to your highest vision, can help you heal your “ugly duckling” and embody your Swan and then clarify and develop the work you’re here to do.

I’m Tomar Levine, founder of Soul Guidance for Your Business.
I’m an Intuitive Life Purpose, Career and Empowerment Guide and Akashic Record channel, for spiritually sensitive and gifted people waking to their longing, potential, and power to contribute to the world. I can help you harvest your gifts, hone your vision, turn up your confidence and design the just-right form of expression for you.

I can help you step out of the “ugly duckling” trance and discover what kind of Swan you are, so you can spread your wings and soar!


Within you is a light that is unique to you, a strand of energy that is needed by the whole. You have capacities of heart, mind, and spirit that, once released, can transform the lives of others – and your own life.  I know that you are here to make a difference. You have heard the call and you are eager to respond.

Soul Guidance for Your Business can help you clarify:

Guide w torch pastelYour purpose, passion, and path;
Your business vision and plan;
Your strengths and talents and how to offer them;
Your ideal clients and how to find them;
Your inner blocks and how to clear them;
Your spiritual connection with your inner wisdom;
Your brand, message, content, and marketing language;
Your Soaring Swan Alchemy!

I want to help you achieve:

  • the relief of knowing what it is you’re here to do;
  • the empowerment and confidence to take action;
  • the joy of feeling your gifts fully expressed;
  • the fulfillment of finally living your soul’s purpose.

If what I’m saying here speaks to you, let’s talk!
Here’s how to connect:

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