Do you long to bring Heaven to Earth?

  • Do you have an inner vision of how the world could be?
  • Do you feel called to contribute to the global transformation?

  • Do you have gifts you wish to give through an inspired business?
  • Do you sometimes fear dying “with your music still in you?”

It’s time to answer the call of your soul and the world…
…to give your gifts and help bridge Heaven and Earth.

Bridging Heaven and Earth simply means opening a pathway so the higher potentials can become realities on Earth.
Opening this pathway is something all of us can do. I believe it’s what we were born to do.

One way to bridge Heaven and Earth is through your soul-inspired work. Your soul-inspired business can become your pathway.

Heaven and Earth are bridged when your soul’s potentials become fully embodied and are able to touch other people.
Transformation happens one person at a time, when one person’s light touches another. This is why each person who awakens and responds now is so important. It’s why you are so important.
One powerful way to do this is through an inspired business.

If you know you have a calling – whether you’re following it or not…
If you long to make a real difference in the world…
If you fear that time may be running out (especially if you’re in midlife or beyond)…
If you can no longer stand the pain of ignoring these inner promptings…
Then you’re in the right place!

We might be perfect for each other if:

  • You’re determined to break through the obstacles that have held you back.
  • You know that you have something important to give.
  • You want to give your gifts (or are already offering them) in the form of an inspired business.
  • You’re ready to have your vision, courage and confidence switched on to bring you a greater sense of possibility and empowerment!
  • You’d love to find a strong and safe container in which to discover your true potential.
  • You know that the time is now to make this happen.

Tomar on steps cropped 250I’m Tomar Levine, founder of Soul Guidance for Your Business. I’m a Vision Activator, Career Intuitive, and Inspired Business Strategist for those who want to help change the world through their soul-inspired business… especially in the second half of life.

I started Soul Guidance for Your Business because I believe that many of us are here to contribute to the birth of something new. I also know that many gifted, creative, sensitive souls, with SO much to offer (especially those I call “late-blooming entrepreneurs”) have difficulty getting their gifts out into the world…and that the world NEEDS those gifts!

As a late-blooming entrepreneur myself, I have dealt with these issues from the inside…. and I’ve spent years learning how to transform them, both with inner soul-work and outer action. Now I want to pass on what I’ve learned to you.

a Inner LightWithin you is a light that is unique to you, a strand of energy that is needed by the whole. You have capacities of heart, mind, and spirit that, once released, can transform the lives of others – and your own life.  I know that you are here to make a difference. And I know you can prosper at the same time.

Soul Guidance for Your Business can help you clarify:

  • Your purpose, passion, and path
  • Your business vision and plan
  • Your strengths and talents and how to leverage them
  • Your ideal clients and how to find them
  • Your blocks and how to clear them
  • Your inner spiritual connection
  • Your brand, message, programs, and even your marketing language
  • Your personal prosperity path!

I want to help you achieve:

  • the relief of knowing what it is you’re here to do;
  • the empowerment and confidence to take action; 
  • the joy of feeling your gifts fully expressed;
  • the fulfillment of finally stepping into your purpose, and knowing you ARE making a difference!

How to Connect:

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