Do Your Higher and Lower Consciousness Collide?

Like me, I’m sure you’ve noticed that you feel radically different at different times.

In particular, I’m talking about my level of confidence, energy, readiness to meet the world, take on big goals, take risks, pursue my most cherished dreams.

There are times when I’m fired up with passion and zeal. And then there are other times when . . . well, somehow I can’t find my zeal, my confidence went down the drain, and I’d rather just quit.

What’s going on? Why the roller-coaster?

We have within us two very different sources of direction, guidance, or operating instructions, that tell us very different things – opposite things. . . .  Continue reading

Higher or Lower Consciousness? Which Do You Follow?

Do you sometimes have a great inspiration to do something big, magical, and creative? Something worthy of you? Isn’t that an amazing feeling? Expansion, feelings of power and joy and possibility.

But then what happens? Do you think about it a lot but can’t get started? Find excuses to keep putting it off? (“I’m not quite ready” is my favorite.)  Or do you start, but pretty soon you’re stuck? Does the wind go away and your sails collapse?And maybe a few weeks or months later do you find yourself wondering, as I have, “Whatever happened to that great idea of mine?”

Why do you (or I )some days feel expansive and full of trust and confidence, but the next day barely  feel able to crawl out of bed?

These inconsistencies happen to all of us. But why? . . . Continue reading

Are You Ready to Bloom?

In the course of my travels, I speak to many women about my work as a “midlife blooming” coach and teacher. Often they’ll sigh with recognition, and will say wistfully, “Oh, I could use that!”

Then they tell me a bit about their story. Each story is different, but they also tend to form patterns,  fitting into one of several scenarios that I realize many of us are confronted with past the age of 40.

Is one of these your story too?

  • Your children have grown and left home, leaving a vacuum where your sense of purpose used to be.
  • Your marriage has ended, and you’re wondering if there’s life after divorce.
  • You lost your “secure” employment and don’t know where to turn, or who to be.
  • You’re stressed and bored at your job and hope there’s more to life.
  • You’re facing retirement and dread the emptiness.
  • You’ve had a brush with illness, and are feeling a renewed commitment to how to use your precious time.
  • You’ve put everyone else’s needs ahead of your own and you’re questioning if it’s too late to live YOUR life, to put YOUR work out into the world.
  • You had a vision once to create something beautiful and meaningful with your life, and that vision is haunting you now.

Whatever the reason, if you’re like the women I speak to, you’re feeling adrift and wondering where your purpose and joy have gone, and how to find them. You know you’re capable of SO much more – but what exactly that looks like may be eluding you. . . .  Continue reading

Late Bloomer or Midlife Bloomer?

Who is a late bloomer? A midlife bloomer?

I am both, for I only started fully blooming in the second half of life. As a result,  I am passionate about helping other women bloom later in life. Because really, there is no age limit to what I mean by blooming

My concept of late blooming has changed over the years. I no longer think of it merely as a chronological delay according to the expected “norm.” Not only are there many people whose “normal” follows a different pattern, but the patterns are changing in our society as a whole. Adolescence is extended, marriages happen later, women have their first babies in their forties! What is normal now?

My definition of late blooming has changed, as I said. Now what I mean is the feeling that there is something inside us that wants to bloom but hasn’t yet; the desire  to give birth to something, to bring something forth from our soul that we’ve not yet been able to birth. . . . Continue reading