Akashic Readings for Your Business

Are you a change agent?  

Red Heart on GoldAre you a conscious, heart-centered, transformational entrepreneur with a soul-inspired business, passionate about the difference you’re here to make in the world?

If so, could you use some highly attuned and insightful partnering in your vision, so you know for sure you’re on the right path?

Would crystal clarity about your Big Picture as well as the details of how to implement your vision be a good next step on your business path? So that you know with certainty exactly which steps to take and why?

My Akashic Readings for Your Business can help you reconnect with the soul of your business, resolve confusions, and identify what may be blocking you – and clear those blocks! It can help you understand the highest level of your purpose, create a grounded business vision and learn which strategic decisions will be most effective so you can take your next steps with confidence.
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The insights you receive will help you bring your inspired visions down to Earth where they can truly serve your ideal clients while they support you. Your Personal Path to Prosperity is part of what is revealed in these readings.

I am offering Akashic Readings for Your Business: Visioning and Clearing Sessions to access the wisdom of your soul and your business, along with your own guides within the Akashic realm.

(The Akasha is a subtle realm of love and wisdom where information concerning every soul is stored in what’s called the Akashic Records, and higher guidance and knowing are available.You can read more about it here.  I tune in to that realm psychically to access information and insight for you and your business.)

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In these highly targeted sessions I connect to guidance through the Akashic Records, and then I zero in on the highest potentials of you and your business, and what your business wants to express. 

In this powerful process people have gained enormous clarity and depth for their business vision; who they are here to help and how, and where to find their clients; great new ideas for programs and offerings; eloquent marketing language; how to enhance their brand and improve their website – and greater understanding of their purpose itself. They report feeling hugely empowered, validated and inspired… and also energized to take action.

Read what several “graduates” of this process have said: 

Susanna Maida - CTI - croppedI was stunned when Tomar offered me a vision of what my work is really truly about — not on the surface and not even just below the surface. Tomar pointed me to the deep-down core of my work and, through that, gave me the seed of a vision that was breathtaking in its scope. It’s something I can grow into starting immediately and it will carry me for a lifetime. It really was that big, potent, and spot-on. -Susanna Maida, PhD, Santa Fe, NM, ReWeaving the World

aa Bill FoxI had an amazing session with Tomar and I’m still on fire with it. She added so much clarity and depth to my vision. Wow! There are not enough words and exclamation points to express the experience! -Bill Fox, Broadlands, VA, Higher Perspective Tools   ____________________________________________________

aa Christine deCampI had a wonderful session with Tomar that was not only deeply insightful, but some of the best advice and brainstorming I’ve had. This has been one of the most helpful things I’ve done. -Christine DeCamp, San Reyes, CA, Visionary Artist  _____________________________________________________

Screen Sue ElliottThank you for an amazing Akashic reading for my business, Tomar. It was off-the-charts awesome, far better than I could have hoped for in my wildest dreams! You have brought me such clarity. . . I feel energized and excited, but in a much calmer, more grounded and centered way. You are a gift and a blessing in this world -Sue Elliott, Irvine, CA, Founder, former Editor-in-Chief, Law of Attraction Magazine ____________________________________________________

aa Jan MastersI had a reading yesterday with Tomar, and it was awesome, exciting, validating and has moved me forward by a quantum leap. I was cooking on it all last night and today has been amazing. I’m telling you: GO FOR IT!  -Janice Masters, Miami, FL, The Shaman Mama  _____________________________________________________

Pam HaleI am just stunned by the poetry flowing out of your mouth. What’s coming through the words – the metaphors, the visions – is so lovely, it’s just very, very moving. It’s the real deal. I’m so grateful. -Pamela Hale, Tucson, AZ, Through a Different Lens


My Akashic Reading for Your Business package includes:
1.  Orientation Questions emailed to you, to help you align with the purpose of the reading.

2. I review your answers, and any other questions you wish to ask, and privately spend 30 – 45 minutes doing a preliminary reading from your Akashic Record guides in written form. I call this the “Pre-Reading.”

3. AKASHIC READING FOR YOUR BUSINESS: VISIONING & CLEARING SESSION  (approx. 90 minute phone or Skype session). It consists of the following components:

a) Akashic Pre-Reading: I start by reading you the messages I received and we take off from there, exploring deeper.
b) Additional Questions: You can ask the guides any additional questions you have. This is the bulk of the Akashic Reading.
c) Business Strategy: There is usually a component of business strategy related to new business concepts, models, programs, marketing, etc.This information comes from a blending of the guides and my expanded vision.
d) Clearing Blocks: Part of the session may be devoted to healing and clearing the blocks that are holding you back, that are indicated.

4. Mp3 recording of Akashic Reading for Your Business Session sent to you.

5. Written text of original Akashic reading emailed to you.

6. Integration Questions emailed to you, to help you ground the information from the reading.

7. Bonus Follow-up INTEGRATION SESSION (60-75 minutes) 1 week later, to deepen the grounding process and to create a plan for you to follow so you can take action on your vision, and to plan your next steps. (This session is optional but highly recommended.)

8. Mp3 recording of Integration Session sent to you.

As you can see, the total time I devote to your reading is a minimum of 3  hours total, not counting the bonus follow up call.  Eventually I will charge $500 or more for this package, but for now, I am offering the entire package – everything listed above – for just $333


Screen shot 2016-01-21 at 9.41.16 PMI believe this is the most important moment in human history, the time we were born for. We are here to contribute our gifts to help transform the world – and everyone’s gifts are needed! Nothing gives me more joy than being a midwife to another’s sacred work!