Akashic Records

What are the Akashic Records?

Imagine having access to wisdom, insight, and information about whatever aspect of your life you need to know about – or any other topic, for that matter – within your own consciousness. This is what is possible when you connect to the Akashic Records.

Vertical spiral *Akasha is a Sanskrit Hindu term meaning space, essential substance or first matter, the subtle realm or dimension that underlies and pervades all of reality.

Said to be made up of  Ether, the fifth element identified by the ancients (along with air, fire, water, and earth), it is considered to be the “prima materia” or original substance of all that is. You could think of it as the most sub-sub-sub-atomic particle. You can think of it as the “dark matter” that physicists say make up most of the universe. Or you could say it is consciousness.

The Akashic Field is non-physical so we don’t see it. But we can be aware of it by tuning into the vibratory impressions that it carries. In fact, we’re frequently aware of it, since we are all swimming in this sea all the time. We get glimpses of its contents whenever we get an intuitive “hit” or “knowing” about something that we couldn’t otherwise know.

Within those vibratory impressions are what’s called the Akashic Records, specific imprints formed in the Akashic Field.  

Gold Heart on Metallic GreenAkashic Records and Akashic Library were terms coined by Theosophists in the early 20th century, to denote an etheric compendium of all knowledge. and history. They are said to contain records of every person, place, and event throughout time and space. How did they get there? The Akashic Field is impacted by everything and everyone that it has contact with. And it has contact with everything that exists or has ever existed.

I know that’s a big claim – and I certainly can’t prove it. But although this sounds very esoteric, we are really in the realm of quantum physics as well as metaphysics. Those two meet in the Akashic Field. (“There is a field…. I’ll meet you there,” said Rumi.)

Because the Akasha pervades everything, everything touches it. And because it is consciousness, that means every thought as well as every physical object impacts it. And that means it can be accessed through consciousness.
Eye and white swirl
The Internet is a current analogy of a vast amount of information getting compressed into a miniscule “space” and being translated from electro-magnetic impulses into thoughts, images, words, and ideas that we can know and use.

Moon Behind CloudIt is because of this all-pervasive subtle substance, the Akasha, that “psychic” phenomena are possible – telepathy, distant seeing, distant healing, non-local awareness of all kinds. Psychics, healers, and intuitives access information by tapping into the Akashic Field, although they may not call it that.

Sometimes we access this information randomly. But it is also possible to use conscious intention to request access to certain “files” within the Records. For instance, the files of a particular person who has given you permission can be called up and opened if you know the key.

That’s where I come in, or another Akashic Record consultant. Using a prayer and focused intention and attention, I open the door to the Records. Using the person’s name and other details, I access their individual file, if they are willing to let me see it.

All of this happens through a slightly altered state of awareness, not a deep meditation or trance. I stay completely conscious while I’m doing this. I don’t “see” the records. Although they are often referred to as an Etheric Library, and several religions make reference to the “Book of Life,” I don’t see any books.

What I am aware of are the non-physical guides and guardians of the Records, known as the Record Keepers. As with all communication with guides, I sense their presence and know them both by their energy frequency and by their communication. Some people see them, and I sometimes do, with my inner vision.

Do you hear me?The key is asking questions.

That is like putting a search term into Google – except instead of being flooded by hundreds of choices, what appears is the very response that the person needs to hear right now. Although there is an overwhelming amount of information available in your Records, what you will be given is always the very thing you need, to move you forward at this time.

The Record Keepers are very loving and compassionate, as well as wise. They are part of your personal team, helping you on your journey of evolution. They are available to help you. But, because this is a “free will” universe, you first have to ask.

If you would like to consult your Records, I would be delighted to open that door for you. Contact me here if you are interested.

You can read about my specialized Akashic Readings for Business, in which I help people connect to their soul’s purpose and business potentials, by visiting this page.

It is a joy for me to be a bridge to the plentiful wisdom, healing, and love of the Akashic Records.



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