Do you need help honing your content?

Are you a conscious entrepreneur with a MESSAGE
or BODY OF WORK to bring to the world?

Are you wondering how to turn your inspired ideas
or other Creative Content?

Has it been hard trying to do this alone?




I’m Tomar Levine, and I’ve been writing, editing,
and helping people hone their content for years –
sometimes professionally, sometimes spontaneously over dinner.

It’s important because YOU’RE important – because your vision and your brilliance are important. The world is at a turning point and needs all the help it can get. You, as a thought leader, have something essential that the world needs!Even if your vision isn’t fully ripened yet, you can feel it wanting to emerge. And the way it ripens is by giving it form.

We are in the age of communication and creativity. Technology has opened the doors for all of us to share our unique gifts with the world.

I believe this tidal wave of communication is part of the Great Transformation the world is going through, the Age of Aquarius, the sharing of individual genius for the benefit of humanity. If you feel that impulse to help the world, then you are also part of the Global Transformation.

As business owners, content is also our lifeblood, our voice and expression. It’s how we communicate, become visible, and connect with our audience. It’s how we presence ourselves in the world. If you have a service to benefit others, they need to know about you.

So both ways – if you’re a Messenger on a Mission to help the world, and if you’re an entrepreneur with a need to connect with your tribe – CONTENT is vital.

Content is necessary, but it’s not everyone’s strength. Generic content without a personal touch won’t get the response you deserve.

Everyone has a personal message and purpose to share, but it can be hard to put into words, especially if what you do is subtle or complex. Even writing your Website can be challenging if you’re not 100% clear on what you offer, why, and for whom!

If your Sacred Work includes an original body of work, a new approach or a powerful message – it is all the more important that you get its expression as honed as possible.

Have you, like many business owners, spent time and money in a program to develop your signature system – and STILL not achieved the clarity you were promised?

Creating good and CLEAR content is not easy!

It’s time to stop struggling with your content on your own! If you are overwhelmed, frustrated, or even avoiding what it is you know you’re here to do — then it’s time to ask for help!

Whether it’s your passion and your Sacred Work that are calling you, or your desire to become more visible and thus more successful – either way, getting help with your Content will pay off many times over.

You will finally make the important contribution you’re here to make and grow your conscious business and your impact at the same time!


Because besides being a Content Specialist, writer and editor, I have many other gifts I bring to the table. I’m also:

~ A business and purpose coach, specializing in helping spiritual entrepreneurs refine their purpose, design their right business model and programs, and create strategies for visibility and success

~ A mindset coach, specializing in using the power of mind and transforming limiting beliefs to free yourself from what’s been holding you back

~ A spiritual consultant, teacher, and intuitive, specializing in working with higher consciousness, vision, insight, guidance and support

When we’re working together on your Sacred Work project, all of these may be needed! I pride myself on being a “full-service” provider.

~ know that someone really “gets” who you are and what you want to express and why it’s so important (I’m an intuitive empath)

~ shine a laser light on your ideas, notes, rough drafts, and our inspired conversations, to bring into focus exactly where your content is going, what your deeper “why” is, and what you need to best express your vision

~ watch your thoughts being shaped and organized into an orderly, coherent, organic and, above all, CLEAR communication that your audience can easily grasp and value

(You may understand yourself better in the process too.)

– Clarify your CORE MESSAGE: what you stand for, what you offer, for whom, why, and how – i.e. what makes you and your work unique!
– Write your basic WEBSITE pages
– Write ARTICLES, blog posts, and audio/video scripts

– Design PROGRAMS and COURSES based on your Sacred Work
– Transcribe talks – including our own discussions – and turn them into writing
– Outline, organize, plan – and write! – that BOOK you’re dreaming of and get it ready for publication
– C
larify and organize your SIGNATURE BODY OF WORK for greater impact:..  your unique and distinctive point of view, methodology, and intellectual property

Sound good?
If you already know you’re interested, simply contact me HERE and we’ll get started.


I offer 2 options for how we can work together: 

Option One: Done for you!
Using your written notes and/or our recorded conversations, I’ll create the finished product for you.

Option Two: Done by or with you! 
I’ll support and guide you in the writing process and will edit your final draft.

Raves from Fans:

“Tomar has a magical ability for translating new concepts and ideas into readily digestible and valuable content. For the last year I’ve been developing a new teaching system which I was struggling to put into words so others would understand and see its value. Tomar critiqued and edited my workshops and book excerpts and helped me to see the ‘gaps’ in how I was explaining myself. Her advice allowed me to have more confidence in my delivery and convey the information in a more well-rounded, potent way. Now my audience wants more! Thank you, Tomar, you are a godsend!”

Natalie Kent, Sacred Business,

“I’m an artist and had to give a gallery talk about my work, including my history as a landscape painter, my trips to Greenland to paint icebergs and my observations of the melting ice over the years. I didn’t know where to start or how to pull these different strands together. Over dinner one night, I shared this with Tomar. Right away she started narrating for me what she was seeing in her mind – the sequence and structure of my talk, seamlessly conveying this complex picture with its diverse elements, in an elegant flow. I took notes as she spoke and a week later I delivered the best talk I’ve ever given.”

Marcia Clark
, Blue Mountain Gallery, New York City

“Every time we talk, I come away clearer and more inspired. Your deep compassionate listening and intuitive understanding of what’s underneath any of the challenges or questions I bring to the table, combined with your practical, tactical ways to approach a resolution, are monumentally helpful. Our sessions never fail to catapult me in the direction I am seeking. You are incredibly skilled.”

Claire Sierra, M.A. &
Author, The Magdalene Path

“Thank you, Tomar! You’re such a kind and gentle soul who magically took my ramblings and somehow made them make sense.  I’m sure my book was an editing challenge, but you passed with flying colors!  Thank you so much for the thoughtful attention to detail and for ensuring it was up to your standards before we were finally done. And thank you so much for helping me live out my mission of educating and empowering others to live the life of their dreams!”

Andy Burton
, Author, Law of Attraction: Ten Timeless Secrets to Manifest the Life of Your Dreams

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