Prosperity Package


Welcome, spiritual entrepreneurs!

If you’re on a mission to make the world a better place, as a coach, holistic healer, intuitive, author, messenger or any kind of change agent… chances are you also experience blocks in the areas of money and success.

Until you clear these blocks, these “invisible forces” stopping you, it’s almost impossible to fully live your purpose, to bring your soul work out into the world the way you’re meant to do.

And it’s important to recognize that, as a sensitive, intuitive, spiritual person, your issues are often different than the typical money blocks that so many people face.

I’ve identified at least 9 very specific blocks that stop spiritual entrepreneurs from being as successful as they could be. Most of these are rarely if ever mentioned, and many of them are hidden.

I believe it’s very important that we name them and clear them, so that you can feel free to show up in the world and to fully inhabit your sacred work. 

That’s why I’ve created this short 1-1 program, Open to the Flow of Prosperity. In three sessions we will identify your major blocks and dissolve or transform them, to give you access to much greater freedom to fulfill your purpose in life.

Attention: Right now this offer is “beta priced” at only $333 for the first 10 people who purchase it!


I’m Tomar Levine and my personal purpose includes freeing and empowering spiritual entrepreneurs and change agents – through my Akashic Readings for your Business, through Belief-Transformation sessions using powerful modalities, and through intuitive business strategizing.




If you choose to take part in this program you will:

  • Diagnose the core issues that block you from the free flow of money and success in your life. It’s different for each person and your specific issues will be pinpointed with the help of the Akashic Records.
  • Use powerful clearing techniques to dissolve your specific blocks, starting with your central core issues – be they current life beliefs, past life unconscious memories, ancestral history, collective thought forms, or prior-to-birth agreements and vows.
  • Clear the main obstacles that are holding your energy captive, keeping you from stepping into the high level of expression, contribution, fulfillment, and personal prosperity you’re capable of embodying.

You also have the option to book a fourth session: Your Personal Prosperity Path, to be experienced after the completion of the three clearing sessions. Here you will connect energetically with your Future or Alternate Prosperous Self (who in quantum reality already exists) and the path of your highest prosperity potential. You will directly transfer the energetic knowing from your highest potential to your current embodied self, imprinting your subconscious body-mind with a new, higher template to live into and the instructions to do so.

You can choose to add that extra session now for only $444 (an additional $111) or at the end of the three clearing sessions, for an additional $166. 


3 Sessions for $333

4 Sessions for $444

Compare beta price with normal fee of 3 sessions for $555!


Those who purchase this program will be eligible to join my 7-week class, “Playing in the Fields of True Abundance,” at a reduced rate the next time it is offered. (You will be notified.)