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Why do you need a Soul Guidance Session?

Are you a spirit-driven, transformational entrepreneur?

Do you feel called to make a difference in the world?


Whether you have a business, dream of starting one, or are seeking direction, the same truth remains:

In order to maximize your potential in your life and work, you need to connect to YOUR PURPOSE, the “Big Why” that, when ignited, allows your light to blaze.

Once you connect to the real reason your soul is here at this time of global transformation your life will “catch fire” and you will become unstoppable. Even to set off on the path towards a purpose-driven life is transformational!

Part of this process is recognizing those special gifts that you and you alone can contribute to the world, as well as how to best deliver those gifts.

In my Soul Guidance sessions I access the Akashic Records, a powerful field of wisdom, insight, and compassion. From this expanded level of awareness, light is shed on all aspects of your path, your purpose, and your business – including your Personal Path to Prosperity. Clients find this amazingly powerful and helpful.

Along with working in the Records, one of my highest gifts is as a “creative breakthrough catalyst,” an idea generator, a visionary brainstormer and business strategist.

This Creative Visioning happens naturally as I look at your purpose and business potential, adding dynamism to the session. In expanded consciousness, I open a window to new possibilities for you.

It is because of this combination of the Akashic Records with my own expanded visioning that clients come away from my sessions with whole new business directions!

I also have a deep understanding of the psyche, what holds us back, and have mastered many tools to set you free.

In a Soul Guidance session you will feel seen, validated, and hugely empowered to move forward with confidence. You will have a deeper understanding of your purpose and vision, gain clarity and insight into your life path, have greater insight into what’s blocking you and what to do about it, and, best of all,  you will feel inspired and energized by your own inner “Why.”

(You can read below how others just like you experienced these sessions.)

Some of the information that comes through these intuitive readings includes:

  • Your inner and outer purpose
  • The talents, strengths, and abilities that you’re here to express
  • Blocks and obstacles that need to be cleared, their origin, and how to clear them
  • Potential aspects of your business, who you can best serve, and how
  • Your Personal Path to Prosperity!
  • How to connect to your own inner guidance
  • And much, much more, depending on your needs!



Soul Guidance Session: Akashic Records + Creative Visioning


  • An mp3 recording of the session so you can listen any time
  • Integration questions emailed to you so you can ground the information
  • Your 45 MINUTE  FOLLOW-UP INTEGRATION SESSION to plan your next steps.

You get  2 HOURS of reading/coaching

   $375 Value for the special rate of only $295!

(First purchase a session. You will receive scheduling instructions.)


I got so much from this reading, I feel really great about it, very full. I have a lot to digest and integrate and work with now. I’m leaving this call feeling that I’ve just taken a giant step forward, into my essence as a leader, I really do feel that. You gave me further affirmation, further confirmation and more confidence that you somehow transmitted, I’m not sure how. I’m so excited about the year ahead of me.

Ann Marie Roth, NTS, LMT, Life Purpose and Longevity Coach


Screen shot 2013-10-24 at 8.25.08 PMMy Akashic Reading and Visioning Session with Tomar was one of the most insightful and amazing processes that I have experienced in my 26 years of being on a Spiritual Path!

I knew that I was ready to see, feel and experience my Soul Purpose and Tomar was the perfect facilitator for this. I have transcribed my reading so that I could share it with people that know me and have received positive feedback from all of them on how it is me. I have also taken powerful statements out of the reading and am reading them daily as a way to OWN my Purpose.I am eager to continue my process with Tomar – what a great resource she is!

Jim Parker, Master Certified Coach, St. Louis, MO
Mentor Connection, Inc.

My first word is: WOW! I’m blown away by your openness and compassion. I’m full of emotion right now, and gratitude. I consider this to be a huge blessing for me today. I have greater clarity about my purpose and how to move forward in my work and my life.

I consider your work to be very, very important. I have done a lot of work on myself for over twenty years, and there’s a lot I know about myself.

But you got to the core pieces that were holding me back and that I needed help with. So I thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Angela Claybourn, Success Coach

Wow, that was so amazing, really mind-blowing, and also very profound. You’re amazing at it. It seemed really easy and totally in flow and right on. The understanding of who I am and where I trip up was so right on. And it was so affirming too, it felt really good. I’m blown away, this has been really wonderful.

I thank you so, so much. And I felt an energetic shift when we were working. It’s so incredible, this is wonderful work.

Cindy Briolatta, Hypnotherapist, Co- host Art of Joyful Living Radio
Wow, this was amazing! Thank you is too small a word for the immense meaty debriefing you sent me. Just the energetic feeling of what you shared shifted me profoundly for the rest of my day. And to have it in writing to review (and re-bathe myself in) is so lovely and valuable.

I feel so grateful, I am now wishing we met years ago!! (Though of course this NOW is the only perfect moment and the timing is no doubt TOTALLY perfect.)This really helps me be more clear about the whole process of business development and creation I’m in. I see that this information can guide me in the direction of my business and for my book project (as well as personally, of course).I get a feeling that there is more,that your skill is limitless and I feel amazed at your gift.  I’ve printed these out, (something I rarely do) and plan to read and luxuriate in these messages, especially in moments where I am confused or “forget.”. There is so much to ponder and implement. Thank you again.
Claire Sierra, Author, Coach, Art Therapist

I love this, this is so reaffirming, it’s really wonderful. From the get go what you said was spot on, I resonated with everything that was coming through you, and it definitely gave me some things to think about.

I’m so appreciative and grateful for this whole experience, it’s really wonderful. I was close to tears many times, and I’m very excited right now. In fact, your reading has impelled me to move forward with some inspired ideas I have gotten over the past few weeks!

Thanks again for the amazing reading!! I think your service is incredibly valuable. I’m really trying to keep my energy focused around all that we discussed!

Annmarie Cantrell, Wellness Chef & Educator


I think your reading was right on. You were hitting it on the nail on so many levels. “Wow,” I thought, “she’s really on point, it works!” Now I have to be real with myself and do the deeper work. The door’s open, you opened it for me, the space to do the deeper work. You made me feel safe to do the deeper work and now I’ll do it. It’s time.

Robin Ransom,
Career Coach


Your reading for me was fabulous, just great! I love your ability to use language. …You talked about things in a way that I can totally identify with, in images that relate to my own experience.

What you saw and said was very accurate and clear… You spoke to where I am right now, and helped me take the next step forward. … It’s just wonderful to be the recipient of this!

I’ve had lots of readings that weren’t nearly as clear or that didn’t move me forward like yours did! You answered all of my questions, gave me a deeper understanding of myself and where I need to go and how to get there. I can go forward now because I know where to put my attention. And I know that will take me to the next level. This was really wonderful! .

I will download the mp3 and put it on my iPod. Thank you for recording it.

Sandy Kobrock, Ski Instructor, Life Coach


Tomar, the conversation we had today was terrifically helpful, insightful and inspiring. You gave me new ideas about two businesses. Some confirmed what was already in the back of my mind, and gave me permission to move on them. Some were brand new creative ideas that are fun and exciting.

You also said several things that I really needed to hear. You didn’t know that I needed to hear them, they just came forward. I had been struggling with those very questions.

I appreciate the confirmation, the clarity, and the inspiration you provide, and I intend to take some actions on what we talked about, starting today!

Mukanday Moore, Baker


Tomar, this was great! It was a great divine gift to connect with you! Your reading brought me clarity about my purpose and what I’m grappling with.

Before coming to the call I was feeling pretty scared. I was taking action but feeling hesitant, tight, not in the flow. The information you shared with me helped me to relax, reconnect with my guidance, and made that connection conscious. The physical tightness I had around my chest subsided. I felt my angelic support around me, and it became real to me that I can always access it. I felt an energy shift, a change of frequency. I would absolutely recommend this, because it brings more clarity, so you can take confident steps forward.

Simone Mitjans, Business Coach


Thank you so much, Tomar. You have such a gentle, warm presence, I felt fully supported and safe in the reading with you. What was coming through very much resonated with what I’m experiencing right now. You presented the information in a safe, nonjudgmental, and loving way. I appreciate the practical tools that came through to help me continue moving forward. It’s important in the work we do to help bring to awareness what is hidden or outside of what the person can see in a way that feels safe and with a delivery from love, and I really felt that from you.

This has been a big help for me, Tomar. Thank you so much!

Kelly Ann Matuskiewicz, Love Coach


In my session with you there was a new perspective, a light shone, where I had seen a glimmer before, but not the full spectrum of possibilities. Through you, in the comfort and safety of your essence and your energy, I was able to do that, you made that easy for me. It feels great to have that perspective. That’s exactly what I was looking for, a way for the universe to get to me in a way that feels real. I felt that through you, in what you radiate and how genuine you are. Your sweet and gentle essence is so lovely to be with.

Thank you so much.

Harsimrit Kaur Khalsa, Success Mentor


Thank you so much for all your insight and help today! This has been a fabulous conversation, as I resonated with what you brought forward. You answered many questions that I had, and your answers were infused with a deeper knowledge and understanding ...and you did that with such grace and ease! It’s amazing that what you said is so uncannily true, and really hit home. I was uncertain about my business and what you uncovered was just great confirmation!

The final part was just awesome...the little practice you suggested was very simple and easy for me to grasp. And, when I put that into practice, I know it will make a huge difference for me down the road!

Thank you so much, Tomar. I really appreciate you and your talent!

Denise Callahan, Pharmacist


This so resonates. Resonates is not a big enough word, there’s real truth here, tying the pieces of my life together, and the articulation of it. This session really helped me clarify the qualities of my soul and myself and some of the origins of them, and that the pieces of my soul that seem contradictory can be complimentary.

This process can really provide understanding. I saw the infinite history, the connection to source, and that I don’t need another lifetime, everything I need is here now, to bring my life into balance with my soul’s purpose.

Josie Sentner, Microfinance Advisor/ Investor


This has been one of the best readings I’ve ever had! I got that you were really connecting with me on a deep level. You were able to transfer information to me that I knew was there, but needed to have confirmed. Talking to you lit things up. You showed me how I can make my life come alive, and provided a lot of clarity. Thank you so much.

Donna L Pronk, Cage-free Boarding Kennel, Conroe, TX


This is wonderful, Tomar. I’m glad I’m getting a recording because I wrote so much I can’t read my own writing. This session has been such an affirmation and confirmation that I’m on the right track.

I now feel I can really launch this business, reach more people, help more people change their lives, and make an abundant living for myself.

It was a very powerful call that is already helping to quicken what I envision: helping people connect with nature. I know that my journey is the message, the hope, and the inspiration.

Hobie Hare, Nature Photographer, Guide, Workshop and Retreat Leader


This was one of the gentlest “opening” experiences I ever had. I finally experienced something I have only heard talked about – the deep knowing of my next step. It was a bigger “aha” than I’ve had in a very long time. The feeling of dropping down and suddenly being anchored was absolutely profound. There was a sense of recognition when you spoke and I felt “I know this.”

You opened something bigger and wider than I had seen or been willing to look at before. This has changed my sense of authority about what I do. And it changed my relationship to things I’ve been running from. As a result, I can now easily take my next step.

I would absolutely recommend this process to anyone. This has been very profound. I cannot thank you enough!

Sydney K. Allen, Energy Healer, Jeweler, Writer


What a productive session! I have been flying high all the rest of the day. I love the ideas you generate and your support.

What you have shared with me has been affirming, on target, and has helped me expand my thinking. I love how you allow the wisdom of the universe to come through and work with your own skills and talents.

You are able to weave new ideas and open up previously unseen doors, allowing my creativity to be sparked and celebrated. My ideas now have energy added to them by the information shared, and by your gracious, supportive manner. What an expansive process, Tomar. Thank you!

Carol Gailey, Sound Healer, Spiritual HealerSoulGlad Coaching, Sandalphon Sounds Angelic Tune-Ups
After my session with you, Tomar, I have a sense of freedom that I have not felt in a long time. Thanks for your ability to compassionately create a space where the core issue – what had been stopping me – could finally be exposed and cleared. I’m deeply grateful.

Gretl Claggett,, Author




75 MINUTE Live Session with mp3 Recording
Plus 45 MINUTE Follow-Up Integration Session

$375 value – Now only $295!

(First purchase a session. You will receive scheduling instructions.)