Mini VIP Days

In addition to the “Inspired Work” Full VIP Day,
I offer 3 “a la carte” Mini-VIP Day Intensives.

Each Mini-VIP Day Intensive lasts  approximately 3 hours and can be requested separately from all other programs.

All VIP Days are delivered virtually, by phone and/or Skype.

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A La Carte Mini-VIP Intensives  (3 – 3.5 hours)

You can choose any of these three Mini-VIP Intensives:


I. Business Vision / Content Creation Breakthrough Intensive 

In these highly productive sessions I will help you clarify and articulate:

  • the overall VISION of your business,
  • your possible NICHE,
  • your business STRATEGY.

We can also focus on developing the WRITTEN CONTENT that forms the substance of your business, For instance:

  • your business/ DOMAIN NAME and TAG LINES (BRANDING),
  • your BIO,
  • your free OPT-IN OFFER,
  • your personal SIGNATURE SYSTEM – how you do your particular magic that creates powerful outcomes for your clients,
  • your basic PROGRAM, your service offer, etc.

Sparks fly in these visionary breakthrough sessions – one of my specialties!


2. Creative Projects: Dream to Reality Breakthrough Intensive

If you have a creative project that’s stalled, one you’ve been dreaming of starting or re-starting, or if you just feel creatively stuck, this is for you!

I’ve helped many creative artists in all fields re-ignite their creative spark, and create an action plan that helps them transform paralysis to flowing and fulfilling action.  This has been literally life-changing for those who experience it.

Creativity is one of my passions and my expertise and I love nothing more than helping people bring new life to their creative dreams!


3. Belief Relief Breakthrough Intensive

In this intensive we will identify your CORE BELIEFS, then blast through as many beliefs as we can get to, using the Belief Closet Process.

You will love this delightful, playful, and highly effective method of belief change, unlike any other you may be familiar with. You will be guided on a magical inner journey and your subconscious mind will dazzle you in how it produces the results! I love this method and can’t wait to share it with you!


The fee for the Mini-VIP Day Intensive is $650