Soaring Swan 1-1 Mentoring

(Each part may be taken separately or together,

depending on your need and stage of development.)

Do you know you have a role to play in this time of transformation?

Do you feel passionate about using your Sacred Gifts to help create a better world… and yet you also feel stuck in some way or uncertain about how to proceed?

There are four main places where you might be stalled in your journey:

1. You may lack confidence, not sure if what you have is “good enough.”

2. You may not be clear about your direction or your purpose.

3. You may know your purpose, but not how to turn it into a viable business that can sustain you financially.

4. Or maybe you have a business already, but something’s not working. It may be lack of clarity about exactly WHO you’re supposed to help, HOW you’re supposed to help them, what your MESSAGE is, how to structure PROGRAMS or COURSES that people will buy.

Or maybe you have a big vision that needs clarifying.

I’m Tomar Levine and I designed Soaring Swan Alchemy to meet you wherever you are on this journey.

The goal is the same: to liberate your gifts and empower you to fulfill the mission your soul was born for – to contribute to this most important time on planet Earth in ways unique to you.

My passion is to help bring about a new world and I do that by supporting those who are here to contribute to that new world – like you! Those who are ready to spread your wings and soar!

To discuss with me how YOU may take your next step to spreading your wings and soaring, just CLICK ON THIS LINK and fill out the form. I’ll be in touch with you soon.

Do you long to express more of your innate gifts, but lack confidence, are easily discouraged? Your inner “ugly duckling” may be getting in the way. If so, “Soaring Swan Alchemy” is designed just for you!

~Soul Blueprint Akashic reading – identify key elements 
of your soul, including your key gifts; identify your Sacred Gifts
~Get to know your inner Ugly Duckling: limiting beliefs and self images, wounded parts, history
~Transform your limiting beliefs and inner parts
~Learn to have compassion and love for your Ugly Duckling
~Rewrite your old story
~Integrate the Ugly Duckling and the Swan
~View your new path forward.                                                                                                                        
Are you ready to take action, know it’s your time to step up… but you’re not clear about your purpose, or exactly what you’re supposed to do?
“Soaring Swan Purpose” will help you gain the clarity you seek

~Gather your purpose components: your history, dreams, desires
~Name your longings, your values, your dissatisfactions
~Hear/ feel your soul’s voice and calling (“Called from within”)
~Hear where the world is calling you the most (“Called from without”)
~Connect directly: receive your soul’s vision in words and images
~Explore potential expressions of your soul’s vision
~Choose a path that inspires you as a place to start

Are you pretty clear about your purpose, but you need help figuring out a plan of action to create your Sacred Work as a business? “Soaring Swan Business” will provide the guidance and support you need.


~Identify your Big Why, What, Who, and How of your business
~Identify and choose your niche – the people you are here to help
~What problems do you solve? What is the the transformation you promise?
~What modalities, tools, methods will you use to deliver your gifts?
~How will you deliver your services? In person or online? Groups or individual consulting? Programs or products?
~What simple business strategy will get you started?
~What basic systems do you need to get started? (Website, email server, etc.)

Do you need to clarify the basic concepts, brand message, and marketing language to let the world know what your business stands for? Or have you been developing your body of work for a while and are ready to create some major products – a course, a program, a book?
“Soaring Swan Content” is designed to help you organize, clarify, and refine the very important material you need to share your vision with the world, and attract your tribe.


~Create your branding and marketing language:
 Titles, tag lines, web pages
~Call in your Core Message – What do you want to stand for in the world?
~Outline and write articles, blog posts, talks, etc.
~Outline your major creative content: a Program or Course
~Do you have a book in you? Let’s get that started!
~What is your biggest contribution? Together we’ll nail that.

1-1 Mentoring can start with whichever part of the program is your right next step.
To set up a time to discuss with me whether this is your right next step and how we might best work together, CONTACT me by using this form.