[Akashic Guides] What to Do Now

I asked my guides to help us see what we can do in the midst of so much struggle and anxiety. This is what they told me: There is much turmoil within and without in the world and within your inner sanctums of being. This is not a bad thing. There is a general movement of convulsive proportions energizing the entire globe. These eruptions of hate and fear are not the ultimate truth of who you are. But these are seeds the human race carries within it and has done so for a very long time. If you are to … Continue reading

[Akashic Guides] New Moon Hope

On this very powerful Sagittarius New Moon I read some astrological messages that brought me joy. I asked my Akashic guides to share their perspective on this very expansive, auspicious New Moon in Sagittarius. This is what they said: Blessed be to all on this Sagittarian new Moon cycle, a moment of expansion and joy in the heavens. You are at the beginning of a new cycle in your own hearts, as truth triumphs. . Do not see only the darkness. What is dark supports the light, is not in opposition to it. It is underneath, like fertile soil. Not … Continue reading

[Akashic Guides] Thanksgiving Love

On Thanksgiving Day I asked the Akashic Guides what we should be thankful for. This is what they said: Dear ones – we hear your open hearted concern. It is the nature of humanity to be grateful. It is the innate purpose of life on Earth to bless you and for the Earth to bless you and for you to bless each other. This is the design and pattern of Earthly life. So much to be tasted, experienced, enjoyed through the senses, so much to be shared and loved and received in the emotions. And so much to be discovered, … Continue reading

We Can Still Soar – Don’t Lose Heart

Now, more than ever, after this momentous election, we are all aware of the challenges involved as the world moves toward transformation. . Because the world IS moving towards (positive) transformation – yes, even now. . Clearly, it is not going to be all easy sailing. (I guess you could call that an understatement.) . And whether or not you hear it that way, these events are calling you – calling each and every one of us – to get ready to step up to what you were born for. . Because if you feel drawn to serve in some … Continue reading