[Akashic Guides] Lightbearers Must Be Empowered

I said to my Akashic guides: “Lightbearers must be empowered.. how can we do that?” This is what they told me; This is important for all to hear… The time of getting ready is over. It is now time for all who have come to Earth to share in the majestic work of lifting the veil of darkness, ignorance, confusion.. to bring greater light, freedom, and restitution of the creative purpose of united life… It is time for all to step forward and say yes, I am here, and I am reporting for duty. You are free of course to … Continue reading

Message from Guidance

The evolution of humanity is moving forward despite what you may think you see. This is not a path of ease nor is it the way you wish to see it. Your vision is not occluded. Despite what you are seeing around you, the energies are high on the Earth and the upheaval is necessary. . Clarifying. Stupendous. Purifying. Devastating. Do not be afraid. This is not the end you fear. It is only the beginning of the beginning. Sacrifice is part of the picture but not all of it. Great gains are also being made and surprises lie in … Continue reading

[Akashic Guides] No Ordinary Time

.Dear friends, I asked the Akashic Record guides for a message on this Election Day. This is what I just received: . As you are encased in a field of fear and anxiety that covers the whole world like a sheet of ice, take time to breathe deeply into the planet’s pulse. For she is rivaling all human concern with her own stern agenda. . This is no ordinary turning point, but a time of huge consternation and great moment in planetary history. . You are choosing more than a leader. You are tossing a coin for all of life … Continue reading

Healing & Empowerment

For a long time I have known that there would come a time when all would be called. A time when those of us who know we’re here to help bring in a better world will need to stand as pillars of strength and beacons of light.  . It may be too soon right now for many of us to step into that role, while we need to make space for our painful feelings and our own healing. . But in good time, we will be stepping into our appointed roles, that our souls have decreed for us. . I … Continue reading