About Tomar

About Tomar

My passion is to support and empower spiritual entrepreneurs who know they’re here to contribute their gifts to help create a better world… and who need more clarity, courage, and confidence about their role in this great turning point.

Here are 2 things I know:

   1. Spiritually gifted transformational agents have many wonderful and powerful gifts to give that the world needs, that people are waiting and longing for. And they brought these gifts on purpose to give at this time.

    2. These same gifted people often have trouble bringing their contribution fully into the world. And when they do offer their gifts, they often struggle financially.

There are several reasons for this. Many lightworkers, healers and spiritual service providers are women, who were raised to put others first, to not seek the spotlight, to doubt our own truth. We often lack clarity, confidence or courage, feel unworthy or inadequate.

Both women and men who are spiritually oriented are often highly sensitive, not materialistic, and feel we don’t fit in the business world or in our culture generally. We’re not inherently ambitious. We’re not true “entrepreneurs.”  We often feel like ugly ducklings instead of the beautiful swans we are.

Yet we are being called – called from within and called from without.

Metallic SpiralWe’re being called from within by our own souls, wanting to express what inspires us. And we’re being called from without by the world, inviting us to play our role in global transformation.

If we can:
~ pay attention to what is calling us, 

~ clear the blocks that stop us,
~ take appropriate action…

…then all parts of our being – spirit, mind, and body – will be in alignment and we will experience the joy of expressing our highest potentials, and the fulfillment of adding something of great value to the world.

facebook-profile-pictureI’m Tomar Levine, a spiritual entrepreneur in the second half of life, and an official “late bloomer” who took a long time  bringing my gifts to the world.

I am the creator of Soul Guidance for Your Business, and Akashic Soul Guidance, where we look at your business through the lens of the soul and help you find your path to fulfillment and prosperity.

Through my business I help spiritual creatives, healers, intuitives, messengers, and visionaries – especially those in midlife – 
 come into alignment with what their souls are here to do, and to create a business that is just right for them.

I help spiritual entrepreneurs:

  • clarify their sense of purpose;
  • identify their unique combination of gifts;
  • understand and dissolve the blocks and barriers that have held them back (maybe for a lifetime);
  • connect to their spiritual source for support and guidance; and
  • create an inspiring vision and a blueprint for their own “sacred work” (their small business or other creative venture) as a vehicle for bringing their gifts into the world.

[If you’re wondering how I might be able to help you, please CONTACT ME and we’ll set up a time to talk.]

I’ve followed a winding path myself – exhibiting artist, spiritual seeker, healer, therapist, teacher, and now finally as an intuitive life purpose, career and empowerment guide, a “clarity catalyst”and “path finder” for spiritual entrepreneurs.

I also call myself a “Bridging Heaven & Earth Mentor,” for that is what you will be doing when you identify your soul’s purpose, hone your inspiring vision to give your purpose form, and bring it into the world so other people can benefit.

I myself know what it’s like to feel lost, for I’ve struggled with my own self-doubts, discouragement, and fears. When I switched from visual art to the helping-healing field I found myself in a meandering and confusing landscape.

I often despaired of finding my way.

The Quest detailI went from being a precocious young artist to thinking of myself as a lost late bloomer and wondered if I would ever bloom.
In the process I studied, learned, practiced and got certified in many modalities and spiritual methods. It was a long period of rich personal, spiritual and professional growth, but I continued to be frustrated… until I discovered coaching.

Coaching/mentoring allows me to combine many abilities: my intuitive, spiritual, psychological, empathic and healing gifts with my love of pragmatic solutions and unique strategies; my big-picture visionary seeing with attention to practical details; my love of depth with my penchant for clarity. I love the balance of intimate personal connections with my clients, combined with public speaking and writing. I can even make room for art in how I share my content (for instance, all the art on this website).

And the role of “solopreneur” – one of many new terms I learned when I became a coach –  combines the immensely creative option to design your own vision with the necessity to learn how to run a business and be grounded in ways I had never had to master before.

This stage of my work has truly been my greatest learning and ultimate self-development program. And the richest part of all is touching lives in such a deep and powerful way. 

My painting, The Quest, symbolizes the spiritual journey

My painting, The Quest, symbolizes the spiritual search

Having gone through a long search for my own sacred work, I understand the frustration of others who, despite their  yearning, continue to find themselves unclear.

Like you, I long to help create a better world. My own inner and outer calls are to use my gifts to contribute to the shift in consciousness needed if humanity and our planet are to survive and thrive.

To that end I support the wonderful women and men I work with to free their power, energy, and brilliance, so that more and more “midwives of the possible” will create ripples of light spreading out in ever widening circles.

Gold Heart on Metallic Green
Your light is needed now, more than you can know.

I hope you will also become a midwife of the possible!

Are you curious to explore this more? Are you ready to say yes to your double call?

Could you use some inspiration and insight, some clearing of obstacles, some spiritual wisdom and grounded practical strategies?

If so, I invite you to contact me for a free conversation that could be life-changing!

The time for hiding and playing at being inadequate is over!
If you long to contribute to the birthing of a better world, I invite you to step into the next level of who you are capable of being. All the conditions are right, for this is the time you were born for! You are one of the many souls gathered now on this planet to contribute to global change. We all agreed to meet at this moment of history. You are right on time!

It’s time for all of us to wake up from the trance of believing we’re an “ugly duckling,” and to see our true beauty in the mirror of life… to remember that we’re actually a Swan, and to spread our great wings and soar!

I assure you, it is not too late.

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I can’t wait  to talk with you and discover what is calling YOU.
To contact me, use the Contact form or book a free Discovery Session.

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I can’t speak highly enough about the block-busting, encouraging, attuned support I have received from Tomar Levine. Where there was despair, there is now hope; where there was frozen inspiration, there is now flow. . .  Her coaching is really about earthing inspiration.
Elizabeth Russell, Poet and Photographer, Miami, FL 

My Akashic Reading and Visioning Session with Tomar was one of the most insightful and amazing processes that I have experienced in my 26 years of being on a Spiritual Path!
Jim Parker, Master Certified Coach, St. Louis, MO

I had an amazing session with Tomar and I’m still on fire with it. She added so much clarity and depth to my vision. Wow! There are not enough words and exclamation points to express the experience!
Bill Fox, www.HigherPerspectiveTools.com
I had a wonderful session with Tomar that was not only deeply insightful, but some of the best advice and brainstorming I have had. This has been one of the most helpful things I’ve done. 
Christine DeCamp, www.WildSpiritWisdom.com, Visionary Artist