THURSDAY, OCT. 5th, 12-2 pm PST/ 3-5 pm EST  $25 USD
  (Free to TAO members and to Patreon “Wisdom Rejoicers”)

Are you in contact with a reliable source of Higher Guidance?

Can you access the wisdom, clarity, and insight you desire for your life and business decisions?

Would you like to be able to receive messages from a truly wise and loving source – or even have conversations with that source? 

Do you sometimes feel alone and confused in your journey though life?

Maybe your connection to your Higher Guidance is intermittent and unpredictable…. or you receive positive messages but they’re not very specific… or you may have a wonderful connection at times but keep “forgetting” to connect. (I’ve experienced all of these.)

In my live video workshop, Open Your Channel to Higher Guidance, I will explain the most common obstacles and we will actually clear several of them together. I will also teach a number of methods and techniques for easily making the connection you seek – methods I have learned over thirty years of working with my own inner guidance.

This workshop will be both informative and highly experiential.

In it you will learn:
 – How to protect and ground yourself,
 – How to raise your vibration, relax and expand your energy field,
 – An all-purpose protective prayer,
 – How to know whether to trust what you get,
 – How to recognize the different forms of inner communication,
 – Different methods and approaches to opening your channel… and more.
The workshop will probably be 90 minutes long, but please allow two hours, just in case.  The fee is just $25 USD! (And in case you can’t make it live, register anyway –  you will receive the replay. )

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I can’t wait to share this information and experience with you!

Tomar Levine has been channeling higher guidance for over thirty years, since she encountered a powerful “Inner God” voice in a guided meditation. More recently she has been working with the Akashic Records and channeling messages for the public and for clients from that source. She is also a life purpose and career guide and mentor for spiritual entrepreneurs. She is co-founder of the True Abundance Oasis, a collaborative learning community for growing soul work.